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The small vulcanized o-ring fluororubber, the technological power you didn't know!

The small vulcanized o-ring Fluororubber, the technological power you didn't know!

A small vulcanized o-ring fluororubber, a rubber ring that looks unremarkable, what scientific and technological content does it have? If you want to know more, you can go to, we will enter the topic immediately!

First, let's take a look at the chemical composition of fluorine rubber.

Fluorine rubber contains fluorine atoms. The CF bond composed of fluorine atoms and carbon atoms has high performance. At the same time, fluorine atoms have a great adsorption effect. This special molecular structure makes fluorine rubber excellent in heat resistance and resistance. Various properties such as chemical resistance, solvent resistance, fluorination resistance, vacuum resistance, oil resistance, and aging resistance.

Let's take a look at the physical properties.

We have found that fluorine rubber has excellent performance compared with other types. Its gas permeability is low, and it is suitable for high-vacuum devices and the purpose of blocking external air; it has good mechanical properties, but its elasticity is poor at room temperature, its elongation is generally 150%~300%, and the tear strength is 20~ 40KN/n, tensile strength 10~25MPa; high temperature resistance performance is good, fluoroelastomer 26 can work in the range of 200~250℃ for a long time, or short-term work at 300℃, but the low temperature resistance performance is general, and it can maintain the limit of elasticity The temperature range is -15~20℃.

The hose made of fluorine rubber is suitable for high temperature resistance, oil resistance and special medium resistance occasions, such as aircraft fuel oil, hydraulic oil, synthetic diester oil, high temperature hot air, thermal inorganic and other special media (such as chlorinated hydrocarbons and other Chloride) transportation, guidance, etc. Wires and cables made of fluorine rubber have good flexibility and good insulation. The glass fiber tape made of fluorine rubber can withstand high temperature of 300℃ and resist chemical corrosion.

Before natural rubber is cross-linked, its molecules are linear, and there are no chemical bonds between the molecules. By adding sulfur and other vulcanizing agents for vulcanization, these linear, independent molecules can be connected to each other, just like forming a network, so that it becomes vulcanized natural rubber. Its mechanical properties, wear resistance and temperature resistance will be significantly improved.

The emergence of fluorine rubber is a growth product of the progress and development of an era. Jiangsu Jiasheng International Trade Co., Ltd. (Zhangjiagang Hongyu Rubber Co., Ltd.), as a professional manufacturer of o-shaped rubber sealing rings, was established in 1988. Our company has rich manufacturing experience and mature products. It is a brand company. It is a mature and established technology company. Our fluorine rubber vulcanized o-ring has excellent wear resistance, oil resistance and reliability, and has very high practical value and excellent quality. Moreover, our company has invested a lot of manpower and material resources for the o-shaped rubber seal ring, closely following the pace of modern technology, innovating the old and bringing forth the new! Continuously improve the manufacturing process, and strive to make the products better and the best!

As a leader in the manufacture of o-shaped rubber seals, we have F26, F246, imported and domestic fluorine rubber vulcanized o-rings. High cost performance is the proof of our best strength. Our fluorine rubber vulcanized o-ring products have high surface gloss, no needle-eye burrs, very smooth, and high precision. Excellent resilience and excellent sealing effect! Many customers have expressed their high approval for our sealing effect. The product has stable material performance and good weather resistance.

    Our company has a lot of cooperation in the automotive industry, aerospace, aviation, petroleum and household appliances and other fields. Customers trust our products very much. If you need it, come to our official website to shop right away!


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