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Shock Absorbing Tool-Chlorohydrin Rubber Ring

Shock Absorbing Tool-Chlorohydrin Rubber Ring

In the production process, every selection of materials is very important. Often there is a problem with a small detail, which may lead to a big mistake. The small existence of rubber ring plays a powerful role in mechanical sealing and shock absorption. The quality of the rubber ring used determines the quality of the final machine. Therefore, choosing the right rubber ring can protect your production process.

The rubber ring market is diverse, and rubber rings made of different materials have different advantages and disadvantages. Each choice depends on the mechanical field you need to use. For example, the refrigerator industry needs better low temperature resistance, the electric power industry has higher requirements for the insulation of the rubber ring, and the petrochemical industry needs to consider it. Oil resistance. Choosing the most suitable material is the most important thing.

We are a professional manufacturer of rubber rings of various materials. Click our website, you can find many types of rubber rings, you can choose what you need according to your needs product. Every product we produce has been strictly checked, and the quality is absolutely guaranteed. If you are not sure what kind of rubber ring you need to buy, it is better to find out about the epichlorohydrin rubber ring we produce, which is a shock absorber in the rubber ring. If you need a rubber ring with strong shock absorption, you must not miss the chlorohydrin rubber ring.

Chlorohydrin rubber, also known as chloroether rubber, is a new type of special synthetic rubber developed in the 1960s. With its unique structure and excellent performance, it has won the attention of the world rubber industry as soon as it came out. It has developed rapidly and is widely used in the automotive industry, electric power industry, refrigeration machinery, oil drilling equipment, fertilizer industry and aerospace industry. The production of chloroether rubber adopts a sealed nitrogen-filled protection method. The entire production process is operated in a closed state. The cooling water is recycled. It also uses a new type of high-efficiency catalyst, ring-opening multi-element copolymerization, small amount of catalyst, and high conversion rate. The finished glue has low ash content. The chlorohydrin rubber has good oil resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, ozone resistance, air tightness, and electrical conductivity. In the production process, monomers with pendant double bonds are introduced to shorten the vulcanization time and prevent aging and softening.

The reason why the chlorohydrin rubber ring can become the leader of the rubber ring is because it has many excellent properties. The chlorohydrin rubber ring has good oil resistance. It has good oil resistance in the temperature range of -50°C to -150°C, and has a high performance retention rate in mineral oil. Secondly, epichlorohydrin rubber also has good heat resistance. Its pyrolysis temperature is 180°C under anaerobic conditions and close to 180°C under aerobic conditions. The thermal aging characteristics of chlorohydrin rubber can not harden and remain soft for a long time. performance. The most outstanding advantage of chlorohydrin rubber is its excellent air tightness and shock absorption. The gas permeability resistance of chlorohydrin rubber is the best among the known rubbers, and it is 4 times that of butyl rubber. Chlorohydrin rubber has excellent shock absorption performance in a wide temperature range, and has high resilience second only to natural rubber. Its dynamic performance is close to natural rubber, and the change value affected by temperature is smaller than natural rubber. In addition, the chlorohydrin rubber also has excellent ozone resistance, good adhesion, flame resistance and certain acid and alkali corrosion resistance and water resistance.

The chlorohydrin rubber ring has so many excellent properties that it would be too wasteful if it is not used in your equipment. Come and buy this cost-effective rubber ring on our website! Buy our products, you don't need to worry about quality issues. We are the drafting unit of the "O-type rubber ring mechanical seal" standard in the national machinery industry. Quality is the first priority we have adhered to for more than 30 years in the industry. Because of professionalism, I have the confidence to recommend our company to you, choose our products, it will definitely bring you the most cost-effective experience.

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