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Shocking performance of perfluoroether seals

As we known,Kalrez is a perfluorinated rubber. It is the world's first Perfluoroether rubber developed by DuPont in the United States in 1968. In addition to the excellent chemical resistance of Teflon, this product also has rubber elasticity and excellent heat resistance. Performance, cleanliness and explosion resistance. DuPont perfluoroether seals are well known for their extensive chemical resistance and excellent high temperature resistance.

In terms of chemical resistance, in environments such as ethers, amine-based compounds, ketones, oxidants, organic solvents, fuels, acids, alkalis, etc., which are not suitable for general fluorinated rubber, DuPont Kalrez can show its excellent stability, almost It has excellent resistance to all chemicals.

In the swelling experiment, the chemical attack can destroy the molecular chain of ordinary rubber or the cross bridge, resulting in volume expansion, causing the O-ring and the groove of the sealing component to fail to match. Kalrez can withstand as many as 1,800 chemical attacks. After immersing in a mixed solution of toluene, acetone and dichloromethane for 6 months, the DuPont Kalrez seal has almost no volume change, while other rubbers have been severely deformed.

However, due to DuPont's monopoly on raw materials, the price of its sealing ring is very expensive.

After rigorous screening and testing, our factory chose Solvay from Europe. In its test results and long-term application, it was found that the performance differences between Solvay and DuPont were minimal.

Excellent prices and flexible size customization schemes have been favored by many buyers, and the demand has increased sharply in recent years.

As a well-known manufacturer of perfluoroether seals o ring in China, we have worked closely with major international raw material factories and signed strategic partnerships with 3M, AGC and other companies. On the basis of ensuring the quality of raw materials, we are able to make a series of commitments to our customers through our strict control of each link.

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Add: B2508, Junma Guoji , Shazhou West Road, Yangshe Town, Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu