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EPDM rubber

  • EDM rubber
  • EDM rubber
  • EDM rubber
EDM rubber EDM rubber EDM rubber

EDM rubber

  • Size:Standard or OEM
  • Material: EPM
  • Delivery: 15 days
  • Competitive prices
  • Description: Professional seal rubber producer Customized , standard wholesale Black, Red , White , Green Email:

Performance and characteristics:

It has high temperature resistance, can be used for a long time below 120℃, and can be used for a short time below 150℃. It has excellent weather aging resistance, can withstand ozone oxidation in the atmosphere, oxidation exposure, ultraviolet rays, dryness, humidity, heat, cold, etc. Aging in natural weather. Has excellent electrical insulation and corona resistance. It has superior steam resistance and hot water resistance. Resistant to a variety of polar solvents, oxygenated solvents, inorganic compounds, organic salts, animal and vegetable oils, alkalis, weak inorganic acids and other media. The oil swells greatly in aliphatic, aromatic and ring solvents, chlorinated hydrocarbons, mineral oils and greases.
Ethylene-propylene rubber EPDM can produce rubber O-rings, rubber bellows, and rubber parts. The color of the product is black, white and red. The Sauer hardness of the product has four grades: 60±5 degrees, 70±5 degrees, 80±5 degrees, and 90±5 degrees.