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FEP (PFA) Encapsulated O-ring

  • FEP(PFA) coated O ring
  • FEP(PFA) coated O ring
  • FEP(PFA) coated O ring
FEP(PFA) coated O ringFEP(PFA) coated O ringFEP(PFA) coated O ring

FEP(PFA) coated O ring

  • Size:Standard or OEM
  • Material: FEP(PFA)
  • No MOQ,sample is accepted
  • Competitive prices
  • Description: TEFLON PTFE FEP(PFA) Encapsulated O ring Material:Outside FEP(180℃), PFA(220℃) , Inside Silicone rubber and fluoroelastomer Color : Any Email:

Product Type:CPX020

Standard O shaped ring , Red

Performance and characteristics:

The seamless, dense and uniform surface of the PTFE coated O-ring organically combines the elasticity and sealing of rubber with the chemical resistance of TEFLON, which is suitable for almost all chemical media, wide temperature application range, and good compression resistance , Anti-friction and excellent sealing durability, long service life. It has the low compression permanent deformation properties of rubber O-rings, and the unique characteristics of fluororesin in heat resistance, cold resistance, oil resistance, abrasion resistance, weather resistance, and chemical corrosion resistance.
The outer covering materials are FEP (polyfluoroethylene propylene) with a maximum temperature resistance of 180°C, and PFA (polyfluoroethylene with alkoxy) with a maximum temperature resistance of 220°C. The internal materials are silicone rubber and Fluororubber.

1 Are you a factory or a trading company?
We are an integration of industry and trade, our company is mainly responsible for the export sales of the factory, our factory name is Zhangjiagang Hongyu Rubber, if necessary, we can provide the factory authorization letter .

2 Where do you purchase raw materials ?
Most of the raw materials are made in China, but for high-demand products, we purchase from Japan, Italy, Germany, the United States and other places according to customer requirements, and strive to ensure first-class quality.
3 If you can accetp OEM or ODM , what is the quantity ?
We are professional OEM manufacturer , we do not have MOQ for any products .

4 Unless the O ring , if you can produce the other shaped rubber ?
Yes , Just give us drawings or samples, we will provide your requirements to design high-precision molds.

5 For standard size products, are there any stocks and are the sizes complete?
Yes ! ,We have established a complete inventory. We have stocks for sizes and molds of different standard systems, and can be shipped quickly.

6 What are the shipping methods?
We cooperate with professional logistics companies to provide express, air, land and sea transportation. We can solve the customer's transportation and customs declaration requirements for you, and even help you clear customs home.

7 Does the factory have the corresponding qualifications?
Yes, we have ISO9001, environmental protection certificate, production license, and a series of patent certificates.